We use evidence-based treatment interventions that will ensure the greatest success in treatment. 

Some of the many benefits of engaging in individual therapy include:

  1. Goal setting

  2. Improved relationships

  3. Coping strategies for stress management

  4. Personal growth

  5. Communication skills


While individual therapy alone can be helpful for many issues, there are times when psychiatry may be added to provide additional, and substantial, relief. Our onsite psychiatrist provides medication management for any patient interested in a streamlined approach. 


Medication-Assisted Treatment integrated with counseling and psychosocial support is an effective way of treating individuals with substance use disorders. Medications are used to help suppress withdrawal symptoms and decrease cravings.

Medication-assisted treatment includes medications such as Suboxone, Bunavail, Zubsolv, Vivitrol, Campral, Antabuse and others.

Above all, every client can expect a safe, non-judgmental and comfortable environment. We are here to establish a foundation of complete recovery. 


At NewLight Medical Services, we strive to put the needs of the individual first while making medically and clinically appropriate recommendations to achieve success. We understand the courage it takes to seek treatment, and we aim to be with our client every step of the way. Our clients and our team together set goals and develop treatment plans based on each individual’s particular problems and needs. Gaining control of your life through individual therapy and/or medication management can be empowering and rewarding.